• 1 - 6 or / to switch columns
  • 7 or c to compose a new toot
  • s or / to search
  • g + h to go home
  • g + n to go to notifications
  • g + l to go to the local timeline
  • g + t to go to the federated timeline
  • g + c to go to the community page
  • g + d to go to the direct messages page
  • h or ? to toggle the help dialog
  • Backspace to go back, close dialogs


  • j or to activate the next toot
  • k or to activate the previous toot
  • . to show more and scroll to top
  • o to open
  • f to favorite
  • b to boost
  • r to reply
  • Escape to close reply
  • a to bookmark
  • i to open images, video, or audio
  • y to show or hide sensitive media
  • m to mention the author
  • p to open the author's profile
  • l to open the card's link in a new tab
  • x to show or hide text behind content warning
  • z to show or hide all content warnings in a thread


  • / to go to next or previous